Private or Group Lessons for all levels

Lessons at Cordova Golf Course are personalized by our professional instructors and tailored to each student. From beginning golfers to seasoned players, our instructors will help you improve your game by customizing training based on golfers’ strengths and weaknesses. Our instructors are flexible on time and will work to fit your schedule.

For more information, call 916-362-1196 or click below to fill out a Private Lesson Request Form. 

Email completed forms to cordovagc@crpd.com

Private Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid golfer, we invite you to improve your golf game with lessons at Cordova Golf Course.  Learn to play or strengthen your game with instruction from our PGA Professionals and other talented Golf Instructors, who will customize lessons based on your skill level, to help you achieve your personal goals. Find out more about our instructors here.

Adult Lessons (Age 18 and over)

with Jack Rovane, PGA; Denise Fass, PGA; Don Levin, Golf Instructor; Jolanne Tierney, Golf Instructor

30-minute (Jack Rovane, PGA): $50 / lesson
1-hour: $100 / lesson


Junior Lessons (Ages 6 – 17)

with Jack Rovane, PGA; Denise Fass, PGA; Don Levin, Golf Instructor


$30 – $40 / lesson


1-hour (Denise Fass, PGA): $80 / lesson

For more information, call 916-362-1196 or fill out the form below and email it to us at cordovagc@crpd.com

Cordova Golf Course


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